London Computer Recycling and Data Disposal Centre

Data Disposal and IT Recycling

How it works


01. Booking

Schedule your collection online or via telephone.

moving a pc

02. Collection

We will come and collect or you can drop-off. Recycling documentation supplied.

Data Erasing

03. Data disposal

Data is disposed to ensure confidentiality and privacy.


04. Certification

We provide certificates of data disposal.

Data Disposal. Secure Computer Laptop and Mobile device Recycling.

Secure reliable London-based computer recycling and data disposal service. Business IT disposal services. ICO and Environment Agency Registered. Server Recycling and Data Centre Removals done Fast. Confidential, secure, & reliable.

Data disposal assurance

Data Erasing

Classified confidential or even seemingly trivial, data is removed in a separate secure facility. Assets are only moved to our recycling facility once data removal is confirmed. A separation of processes guarantees your data will not fall into the wrong hands.

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Everybody Benefits

Sustainable Services

A service that benefits you the client, your city and your environment. We reuse as much as possible, repair when viable and recycle materials when equipment is beyond repair.

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Affordable and simple

Services and Prices

We have free and paid options. Free services are for drop-offs and large collections of computers, servers, laptops and monitors. Our paid services are competitively priced, flexible, and presented in a clear and straightforward manner.

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