Because of the valuable circuitry, high metal content, modular parts and relative ease of disassembly even older computers still are a popular recyclable

CRTs monitors or CRT screens on the other hand are now among the least desirable of all recyclables. CRTs contain high concentrations of lead and phosphors and the separation of the valuable copper and reuseable glass that makes up a CRT requires the correct premises and highly specialized equipment. In most jurisdictions CRTs are considered hazardous waste and thereby the cost of disposal is unavoidable.

With the increase in quality, price, and size of thin or flat screen monitors CRTs have been effectively displaced. Even smaller flat screens have shown rapid turnaround and are being recycled in great numbers, because of the speed with which larger and better flat screen monitors keep appearing.

Where to recycle computer monitors

London Computer Disposal Centre applies our experience and offers cost-effective CRT recycling for business and individuals alike. Whether using our drop off or collection service we can provide heavy discounts for CRT recycling when recycled with quantity of computers, cables or other more valuable qualifying recyclable IT hardware.