We have developed dedicated software to wipe your data.

Our custom erasing software guarantees your data is destroyed and creates a report.

Data wiping

Data wiping of hard drives is recorded. We manually check the the hex of each drive for additional confirmation that your data is permanently deleted.

Built on Linux

Our wiping software is build around Linux to ensure your data is secured from bootup.

Full Disposal report

Full and detailed data disposal reports can be provided, tracking drives by model, serial number, size and linking them their parent computer, server, or laptop.

Alternative options

Secure fast methods of physically destroying your drives such as SSD shredding and hard drive hole-punching. On-site hard drive hole-punching is suitable if you can offer longer-stay vehicle loading.

Securely erase all data.

We specialize in erasing of hard drives, resetting network devices, and secure end of life processes for any device containing your information. IT disposal made easy. Flexible and reasonable charges. Contact us now - 0203 7440022