Companies need to plan management of IT assets from purchase to decommissioning

Obsolete Computer Recycling

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Computer hardware develops quickly. Computers laptops servers and mobiles all show their age quicker than ever before. Yesterday's lightning fast computer runs up against more and more demanding applications that tax your hardware memory and storage of memory giving you no option but to upgrade. This cannot be avoided whether you are a large or small company. Speed, efficiency, and accuracy is crucial, and the latest fastest hardware is critical to your business staying competitive. The need to upgrade and thereby recycle computer equipment is a constant imperative.

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With the need for such rapid turnover, solutions need to be planned to prevent wastage of obsolete IT equipment. Free services for late model computers are a no-brainer for recyclers because business-grade machines can be refurbished and re marketed as long as they are not too old. The tricky part is that used computers retain data. As the volume of computers that can no longer keep pace piles up, so too does the amount of confidential and sensitive data held on these assets. Computer hard drives hold massive amounts of data, which must be kept out of the wrong hands. There is an increase of safety and legal requirements required or data protection. Rapid obsolescence, increased regulations and evolving threats to the integrity of your vital data results, in an increased cost when it is time to upgrade your computers unless you plan ahead. Any good professional computer technician knows to delete data beyond recovery of any kind. An exceptional one will do this in a cost effective way by planning to upgrade before the equipment loses all reuse value.

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Computer Equipment Recycling

London Computer Disposal Centre specializes in recycling used computers, servers, monitors, and laptops used by businesses. We cater to companies, large and small, and can provide a trail detailing methods of data disposal in both a cost effective and secure way. Our proximity to the city centre allows us to work closely and quickly on an ongoing basis with companies in the nation’s capital.

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We can provide logistics and transport directly from your office to our secure data disposal facility. The equipment can be assessed for value and you can get paid for using our service. Reuse and recycle first. Plan the cycle of computer equipment into your business and out at the end of life while the equipment still retains some value and usefulness.